Monday, April 8, 2013

Long-term project: Gladiator Arena

Hey there,

Most of you should already know about the kickstarter "Arena Rex". Highly detailed 35mm gladiators & mythic creatures packed with nice rules.

As its a skirmish system it's perfectly made for people like me with way too less time for this hobby.

Painting a small amount of miniatures and playing some games which should be pretty fast compared to the classic tabletop games are the key argument for me to buy those right after they are available. Why not yet supporting the kickstarter? I can't really afford that much money right now. So I have to wait.

To shorten the time (8+ months left) I decided to build an arena as a gaming table. Instead of starting a huge scratch build I choose to use something more easy. It's a Playmobil-Arena I found for some bucks at eBay. Perfectly for this usage.

So be prepared to see some progress on that project from time to time.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Who let the dogs out?

The last days me and my wife had some visitors. So I took every single chance I can to paint at least a bit during the days because our visitors slept in our living room... also my painting room.

Here's the progress I made on the base and the 2 Schnauzers:

(click on pictures to get a higher resolution)

Right after I've finished the grey Schnauzer and glued him on the base I somehow felt not happy with the result. I wanted to get some variety painting 2 different colored dogs. But the grey one stands far behind the other Schnauzer. Something I'll work on the next painting session.

Here are some pictures I've made during the progress with my mobile phone to talk about with some friends. Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge and discover all the details I've added to the bridge.