Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sanity is for the weak!

Hey hey, seems like I've lost motivation for blogging quiet a long time! As I have to get a new job there's some more free time for me that I am spending with my family and for long nights full of painting until iwas anle to find a new working place.

So, what happened the last weeks?

First of all I've worked a little bit more on the skin of my King Maulg project. Maybe something that will took me ages to finish. But I just wanted to add color if I am in the right mood for.

Here's a shot of the current status:

Beside my most favorite miniature I managed to complete another miniature from Reaper. It's the new Ice Queen. 

I didnt liked her staff so replaced it with a little selfmade staff that is less messy an more suitable for the design of that miniature. 

There were 2 main goals for this mini. First of all: Working with water effect. The second attempt was to add snow. Both experiments turned out more or less good. Had some issues using the water. I've tried to create some On top of the water surface to cover it with some snow. But my first attempt wasn't what I've expected. So ive decided to use my "rescue 1mm" and added another layer of water effect. Sadly with way too much color mixed in. So it turned out pretty bad! 

After giving it a try to hide that layer below a lot of snow I decided to bravely remove that layer with a dremel. So, careful as i am i removed a really thin layer after layer until I've reached the water. Looked like there was a real snowstorm:

That's it so far. Will do the last 5% within the next days. So be patient to see another finished miniature. 

2 running projects aren't enough, right? So there are 2 more I am working on. 

First things first. Here's a picture of the first brickwall I've created lately.

Not that bad I think. 

While I was starting on the base I wasn't sure which miniature could stand on it. My first thought was a dkok commissar. Sadly the base is way too big for him. So I quickly jumped ahead to one of the few space marines I own. Much better ;)

First colors:

In the meantime the new WH 40k Box Dark Veangeance was released. That's where project no. 4 comes into the game. 

The first miniature I am going to paint is one of the chosen chaos space marines. During the preparation work I found out that it's a typical TT-Miniature. Some of the details are not as sharp as we would like to see. But in summary it's a pretty nice CSM!

I'll paint that one together with some other painters in some kind of battle. So look forward for some fast progress. 

Read you soon!

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