Friday, January 20, 2012

Master Wu

I want to show you my actual paintjop i am working on. I ve startet it on the Massive Voodoo Workhop in Hamburg this Januar which was so impressive and inspiring again! What you see is almost done on one and a half day of painting. I thought it would be nice not to paint a slaying bloody gore oriented miniature again.

The story so far : Master Wu is on his journey of meditation, riding his blind old turtle with a lot of chi, happiness and satisfaction in his body an mind. He is practicing wu wei, what meens he s doing something without doing anything. So it doesnt matter how long this joerney will take even the plants already grab at him , as long he gots his chi and all that little happy pets around him that are attracticting by his positive energy that flows aorund him....


  1. I really love that one! Remember the things I said to you about finishing him off! Happy Painting!

  2. Great !! :) really nice to see a new blog! :) Regards! :)

  3. Great Job :) inspirational :)

  4. Really like this mini. I actually painted the studio one, so know what a nice mini it is to do. You are definitely doing the sculpt justice, looking really good already.

  5. Thanks all for your replys !

    @ atacam thanks a lot. Really the best one in that box. I was so often asked "where is that mini from - looks great" and so on - maybe they should release that one as a single one too?

    @ Jar - i will try. heres allready good to see that the necklace isnt good coming out. (old pic) i allready hihglighted that. hopefully i get all things togehter youve told me. My brian was allready messed up that time ^^

  6. So...again the question. Where is the mini from and where are all these little fellows from?
    great job so far.
    best wishes