Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dissolution of Humanity

They say the world was coming to an end...
It was by our own hand
Turned out the world kept turning
Only we ended
All the evidence was there...
The punishment of faith
Creating animosity between our brethren...
The dissolution of the humanity in all cultures...
The reluctance of acceptance for others...
Bigotry, ignorance and narrow mindedness
Destroying our world...

That really sounds like a postapocalyptic scene, isn't it?

One of my next projects in line will be a gift to a good friend of mine. And he's addicted to postapocalyptic stuff. What's better then painting a small diorama?

But first things first.

Some weeks ago my friend, Steffen, gave me this beautiful painted miniature by Origen Arts (more pictures right here!):

Again a BIG Thank you out to Steffen!

So I feel that I'm in the need to give something back to him. I was looking for a suitable miniature for some days and found something, that will make him happy - A 1/35 postapocalyptic character by Evolution Miniatures.

At the beginning I just wanted to create a wasteland scenery with the stalker, but the more i was thinking about it, the more I've got crazy ideas. So the final idea slowly formed itself in my head.
Here's a small sneak peek of what you could expect to see (with a full coverage of the WIP):


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