Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sometimes a friend of mine sends me a meme to give his meaning more expression or make it even funnier while we're chatting via Skype (mostly about painting miniatures or photography).

I came to the conclusion that some of them are way too good to not share them. So I decided to show you some of those every now and then.

Every credit goes to Daniel Gütl aka Nathelis. He's a member of the Austrian painting connection "pumpkin painters". Check out their blog to see some of their work.

Here are the first in line of several memes I have collected so far:

Both were created during a chat about brushes and their condition. Those I am currently using are mostly dead (single loose hairs, fishtail, non-accurate tip...).

One was for my girlfriend to pick the right present for my birthday, which is very soon. The other one... well, he has humor :)

If you've got a nice meme around painting miniatures and want to spread those around the net feel free to send me an email to with your meme attached to it.

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