Sunday, March 24, 2013

Product tested: Brush Conditioner by TTS

Today I want to introduce you a product that could renew the life of a painters most important tool: Our brushes!

But first things first.

While I was looking for something new to paint at our local hobby store one of the owners called attention to a new product. It's a small pot with a blue liquid inside - a brush conditioner. I was curious and asked for more information... and bought it.

This happened some weeks ago.

Like most of us I take care of my brushes and clean them carefully after every painting session. But there's always a point of no return for a brush . single hairs get loose or the tip starts to split into a fishtail. Another brush for painting bases.... I do hate these moments! With this in mind I've tested the brush conditioner.

How do I use the brush conditioner?

The usage is quiet simple. Clean your brush like always (e.g. fresh water, brush soap,....). Dip the bristles of your brush into the conditioner afterwards. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes before you attach the brush safer and put it to the others in your box. Finished ;)

That's it.

How does the brush conditioner works?

After soaking a bit of the conditioner into your bristles and it dries you'll recognize that it will stick all bristles together. Most of the new bought brushes were dipped into a similar liquid to keep the original shape. This reduces the chance of single loose hairs or the worst case: a fishtail.

Here's a comparison before and after the use of the brush conditioner for better explanation:

Important notes:

- You're not able to renew a heavily used brush!

- The brush conditioner just works with sable hair brushes!

Does it really renew the life of my brushes?

After testing this conditioner for some weeks I am really convinced and will definitely buy another pot of it.

I've recognized much less loose hairs then before using it. So it's worth my money.

Where do I get this brush conditioner?


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